Buddy and Thomas

Cover of Buddy and Thomas novella, with illustration of a beagle walking on a city street.My latest writing project is now available on Amazon Kindle. Buddy and Thomas is a novella for readers of almost all ages; I’ve specified ages 11 and up on Amazon. Buddy and Thomas is a simple story about friendship.

Thomas is a photo editor who works from his apartment and lives alone. He is extremely shy and almost never leaves home. One rainy night, while Thomas tries to watch a movie, he is interrupted by a stray dog that shows up on the sidewalk outside his apartment building. The stubborn but good-natured dog decides that Thomas is his new owner.

The dog, who earns the name Buddy, literally pulls Thomas outside onto the city sidewalks and into a whole new life. Thomas is forced to decide whether the stress of this new life outweighs the loneliness of his old life.

The book was inspired in part by my own dog, a tricolor beagle named Buddy. Buddy only had one eye, but he was fearless and a good friend for fifteen years. Buddy and Thomas is available to purchase from Amazon, and is free to read for Kindle Unlimited customers.

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