Moral Compass

Moral Compass book cover by Bradley BravardEdit August 6, 2012: Moral Compass is not currently available while I complete a second edition and finish revisions on my next novel.

Moral Compass is my first novel and is available from Amazon in print or digital format (and is free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers). Set in the early 2000’s, Moral Compass is partly a satirical look at suburban middle class angst, but also addresses the very real concerns of individuals who are out of their element and simply trying to find their way in the world.

The story begins in 2001, when Alex and Karen from Silicon Valley, Nate and Saundra from New York City, and Bobby from Chicago, find their lives upended by the turmoil that ushered in the 21st century. They all start their lives over in a southern city sight unseen.

Most of the action takes place in 2004. Rebelling against culture shock, these five friends try to correct past mistakes by charging into the future. A surprise relative, the perils of dog ownership, real estate investing, and the adult video industry are all part of the story.

Moral Compass is a story that pokes fun at southern stereotypes but also acknowledges that part of the joke is on these fish out of water and their own expectations.