The Details

It’s the details that make a city such a rich environment to explore. Even walking through a familiar neighborhood might reveal features you never noticed before. The people, weather, traffic and built environment change frequently. Get out of your car and wander; the city is best explored on foot. If the city seems riskier than country walks, the potential rewards are equally greater. This is a small sample of the urban details that have revealed themselves to me over the years.

Detail of astronomical clock in Lyon, France
Lyon, France


Black and white photo showing closeup of Andrew Jackson sculpture in Washington, DC
Washington, DC


Night photo of sign for Museum of Contemporary Art in Montreal under a lighted billboard with an illustration of human lips


Photo of "Drug Free Park" sign on chain link fence surrounding a park
Tampa, Florida


Detail of "Sticks of Fire" sculpture on University of Tampa campus in Tampa, Florida
Tampa, Florida


Photo of wall with multiple posters and graffiti overlapping each other
Tampa, Florida


Interior of coffee shop with sticker reading "Stop bitching, start a revolution" and hand-painted pinup art
St. Petersburg, Florida


Photograph of large bin of tomatoes in produce market
Berkeley, California


Bundle of white daisies in Paris flower shop


Padlocks attached to bridge over the Seine River in Paris