Paradise West

Humanity’s last outpost: Paradise.

The surface of the earth is poisoned and uninhabitable. Sun, wind, and rain are relics of a lost civilization. The few thousand remaining humans take shelter in the undersea refuge Paradise. Now, giant mutant sharks and the mysterious Council are the first of many new threats in a dystopian new world.

Mizerak: The reluctant commander torn between duty and salvation

Hector: The courageous soldier mourning the loss of his family

Khan: The physician healing body and spirit

Maria/Anastasia: The maintenance chiefs struggling to hold every system together

Sophie: The engineer using every scrap of technology to restore hope

Louis: The last true capitalist with ambitions to match his ego

Battling this new frontier and restoring the earth’s surface – creating a new beginning – will push them all to the limit. Or will their own dark instincts doom them to a watery grave?

Paradise West is available in print and digital editions from all major online retailers.