Welcome to the Creative Life Adventure!

Hello and welcome to the Creative Life Adventure. My mission here will be to explore different aspects of creativity, how each of us can develop our own creativity, and apply that creativity to every aspect of our lives. The blog will include my own writing but I hope to make this a collaborative effort. I plan to interview people who are putting creativity to work in their own lives. I also hope some guest writers will share their own ideas with us.

Clip art self portrait
One of my own attempts at creativity – a clip art self portrait

In case my own background is of interest – in terms of explaining my experience and interest in creativity: Academically, I have a B.S. in Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA from the Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University. My career has taken me into market consulting, software, and healthcare. Only the market consulting experience involved a direct organizational conversation about creativity. But creativity was definitely a consideration in the other experiences.

I have a fairly substantial music collection (compact disc is still my preferred format), I’m a photography enthusiast and movies are a passion, so I’m interested in creativity from an artistic standpoint also. (I could never have understood it at the time, but as a child I was a Star Trek fan in part because of Captain Kirk’s creative solutions to dangerous situations.) The older I get, the more I have come to understand that creativity is not a formal act (“Today I will be creative!”), but a process and a practice that we can all improve and enhance.

The first post will be here soon. In the meantime, here is how you can reach me:

e-mail: bradbravard@gmail.com

Twitter: @bradbravard

Or, of course, via the Contact page.

I am always interested in how others experience creativity in their own lives.  Please drop me a line or share your thoughts below.  Thank you for dropping by!

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