Creative Effort

This web site is a work in progress and I’m constantly evaluating what I want to accomplish with it. Going forward, I plan to include more of my photography, as that’s an important creative outlet for me. So some posts will be just a photograph, or a photograph with minimal text.

Graffiti over residential building in Paris, FranceThis photo is of what looks like a residential building in the Marais district of Paris, on the Right Bank of the Seine. I have mixed feelings about graffiti. It’s clearly vandalism and illegal. But I appreciate the sociological aspects of it as a statement about public vs. private space. Several years ago, I read The History of American Graffiti by Roger Gastman and Caleb Neelon and found it illuminating.

In this particular photo (which I’m not able to satisfactorily translate – libre = free and sanar = to heal), I mostly wonder about the effort required to place this graffiti. I see a ladder going to the top of the roof, but those are some large letters. Someone did a lot of work, perhaps at some personal risk, to make this statement. It’s a wonder what people can do when they put their mind to it.

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