Urban Photography: The Big Picture

Black and white photo of Paris from the Eiffel Tower, looking toward Trocadero Gardens and La DefenseWelcome back to the Creative Life Adventure.

Writing is my primary creative outlet. It’s healthy to maintain more than one form of creative expression, however, and photography is another passion of mine. I’ve sold a few images over the years, but I don’t aspire to professional status. Photography is just something I enjoy. Urban settings are my first choice, so I decided to add a more organized collection of my urban photos to this site. I’ll be adding more in the weeks ahead, but for now this link (or use the menu selection above) will take you to a small sample of urban skylines and other “big picture” images that I’ve taken over the past fifteen years. These are all digital and were primarily taken with various Nikon SLRs or with my current system, a Fujifilm X-T20. I’m always happy to network with other photographers out there. Enjoy!

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