Friday Food for Thought: August 5, 2022

Hello Friends, welcome to Friday Food for Thought. Every Friday I’ll help start your weekend by sharing four people, thoughts, or things that are on my mind this week. These may be books or movies, podcast suggestions, interesting people I follow on social media, music, products, or, well, anything. You may find interesting creativity boosts here, some conversation starters, or just a small dose of entertainment. Click here for my previous post. Feel free to share this with friends, or offer suggestions via the comments. Let’s begin!

1) You Must Remember This:

My wife and I are rewatching the BBC series As Time Goes By. This is my second time through the show and it has quickly become one of my favorite TV series. As Time Goes By is one of those series where both the writing and casting are brilliant – every actor is perfect in their role. As Time Goes By aired over nine series (seasons) from 1992 to 2002. The show is filled with heart-warming moments that never become mushy, but the chemistry between Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer is especially remarkable, even more convincing because the two actors were good friends in real life. All nine series are currently streaming on Britbox, and the entire show (including the harder to find 2005 reunion special) has been released on DVD.

2) Crossing the Threshold:

Most of the podcasts I listen to are interviews with authors, and Thresholds is one of my current favorites. Hosted by Jordan Kisner, Thresholds’ emphasis is “transformative experiences” and their influences on the writer’s life and work. Recent guests include Crystal Hana Kim, Ashley C. Ford, and Elissa Washuta. New episodes are typically released each week and feature conversations that are both mellow and passionate.

3) Walk, Forest, Walk!:

I’m a big fan of walkable neighborhoods and communities. In these (dis)United States, pedestrian-friendly communities are a rare commodity. For inspiration, I follow America Walks on Twitter. Without being preachy, every day they offer evidence of the benefits of neighborhoods designed for people-friendly mobility and the harm caused by car-dependency. They also have a web site loaded with information and resources.

4) Act Up and Resist:

I’m in the middle of reading Let the Record Show: A Political History of ACT UP New York, 1987-1993 by Sarah Schulman. The book is a compelling history of the founding chapter of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, based primarily on Ms. Schulman’s own experiences and interviews with a long list of ACT UP participants. There are definite parallels to the early years of the AIDS crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic, both of which involve selective framing by politicians and the media, and a public (that’s us) all too willing to turn a blind eye to suffering. (Early headlines on the international monkeypox outbreak should seem hauntingly familiar.) Let the Record Show also offers a template for future social movements, with lessons we would all be wise to remember.

That’s all for this week. Have a good weekend!

This post contains NO affiliate links. All suggestions are based on my own personal experience, your experience may vary. Nothing herein is intended to serve as medical, legal, financial, or any other advice for which you should consult professionals and not some random guy on the Internet.

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