The Spy Who Read Me: My Casino Royale Reader’s Guide

Welcome back to the Creative Life Adventure.

I’m slowing re-visiting Ian Fleming’s James Bond books, as I tend to do every few years. This time, I’m preparing informal reader’s guides to answer a few questions of context and background; the same questions I’ve had every time I’ve read these books but was too lazy to answer previously. The first guide, on Casino Royale, is posted at: I expect to update this from time to time but with no set schedule.

I’m focused on the books, not the movies, which any fan knows are generally quite different. The books were primarily intended as entertainment (Fleming himself called Casino Royale “dreadfully banal”), so my intent in filling in some blanks regarding historic events, brand names, etc., is to enhance my own entertainment from the stories. If this reader guide enhances your entertainment from the book, so much the better. I plan to post similar documents on the other books over time. Enjoy!

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