The Little Book of Big Business Ideas

Welcome back to The Creative Life Adventure.

tlbobbi_cover_6This is a brief post that is entirely self-promotional.  Hopefully some folks out there will find it interesting.  I’ve written a short book, available in Kindle format from Amazon, called The Little Book of Big Business Ideas.

Over the years I’ve come up with numerous ideas that I believe would make great businesses.  They are not ideas I feel compelled to pursue (for example, food service is a fit for my personality, but I have a couple of great restaurant ideas), but for the right person any one of them might provide the foundation for a successful business.  So I’ve decided to publish these ideas in a short book.  There is a brief outline for each business idea that summarizes pros and cons.

The “secret” agenda of the book (so secret it’s spelled out in the introduction) is to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to engage in their own brainstorming and to be fearless in exploring all possible avenues to professional happiness.

The Little Book of Big Business Ideas is only $2.99 for Kindle readers and is available free to Kindle Unlimited members.  This is my first e-book so I look forward to your feedback.  And if one of my business ideas gets you started on the road to success, I would love to hear about it.  Good luck and never give up!

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